rest house himachal

Rest Houses in Himachal Pradesh are a great way to explore interior Himachal. These rest houses are maintained by PWD and Forest Departments of the Himachal Pradesh govt.

The rest houses can be booked by tourists in advance at the designated circle office of the department. The Rest Houses are neat and clean and offer food. These rest houses are priced from ₹ 350 – 650 depending on the place. In interior places one can pay for the raw material for the food which is prepared by the caretaker at the rest house.

Pls follow the links below for reserving the rest houses. Once you click on the link select the district first and you will get the list of rest houses in that district with contact number of the concerned officer incharge for booking these rest houses.

Please note these rest houses are not like normal hotels nor the booking procedure is the same like booking of hotels. You need to contact them over the phone first and then send a fax / email requesting the booking.

Please note these rest houses are basic rooms and do not substitute for hotel rooms but offer excellent views and vistas. These rest houses are primarily meant for govt. officials on duty only and are not bound to be allotted to the tourists mandatorily. Even one has confirmed booking, the department may cancel your reservation at last moment in case any govt offical visit on same dates. Please do keep a note of this.

PWD Rest House in Himachal

Forest Rest House in Himachal